Changes to Apps 4 EFL

Thank you for your support and use of Apps 4 EFL Web-based Language Learning platform.

As you may know, Apps 4 EFL has been running since June 2014, and since that time thousands of students have spent tens of thousands of hours engaging with its digital English learning activities.

However, four and a half years is a long time in web-tech, and many of the frameworks the site was built around have become deprecated, making it difficult to maintain. In addition, there have been developments in my personal life that make it impossible to continue to develop the site on a one-man basis. Furthermore, despite the addition of banner ads, and the ability for users to donate a small monthly fee for site maintenance purposes, the site continues to incur costs that are unsustainable in the long term.

For these reasons, some significant changes will be made to the site. Although the basic functionality of most of the activities and tools will remain, the classroom management and point tracking features will be completely removed, and the assignment submission tools will also be wound-down.

Below is a timeline of changes for your reference:

From Jan. 2019

  • New user registrations disabled
  • Support for Dropbox removed

From Feb. 2019

  • It will no longer be possible to create new "Assignments" (Custom Cloze, Essay Rank, NVLT, Peer Grade, Quick Speak, Translate)
  • Point tracking on activities will be disabled

From March 2019

  • User login system will be removed
  • Class management system will be removed
  • All assignment submissions will be removed
  • All progress information will be removed

Please make sure you have downloaded any remaining progress information and/or assignment submissions before March 1st 2019.

Thank you once again for support of the platform until now.

Very best regards,

Paul Raine

Apps 4 EFL Founder & Developer