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Ama Divers (BBC)



1) Is tourism important in your country? Why?
2) What are the most popular tourist attractions in your country?
3) Are there any tourist attractions where you currently live? What makes them unique?
4) Do you travel for tourism and leisure? How often?
5) What places have you been to?
6) What is the most memorable travel experience have you had so far?
7) What are the places you wish to travel to in the future? Why?
8) Which do you prefer: travelling within your country or travelling outside the country? Why?
9) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having tourists in an area?
10) When traveling, do you prefer staying in a modern hotel or a traditional inn? Why?
11) What criteria do you have when choosing a place to travel to?
12) Can you mention some of Japan's most popular traditions that are also tourist attractions?
13) Which do you like more: exploring the city or the countryside?
14) Do you prefer travelling alone or with your family/friends? Why?
15) What do you think the government should do to help attract more international visitors?