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Calbee Female Managers (BBC)



1) What are the qualities of a good leader?
2) Do you think managers should always arrive at work early and leave work late? Why or why not?
3) Do you think Japan has had a male-dominated corporate culture until today? Why or why not?
4) Do you think women nowadays have more career opportunities than 50 years ago?
5) Do you think women are capable of holding top-level positions in a company? Why or why not?
6) How is the Japanese government trying to address diversity problems in the workplace?
7) Do you think promoting more women to senior positions is beneficial to a company's image?
8) Are there any disadvantages in hiring women for managerial roles? If yes, what are they?
9) What should public and private firms do to encourage more women to step up and assume senior level positions?
10) What do you think female managers should do in order to balance their roles in the workplace and at home?