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Seaweed Harvesters (BBC)



1) What are the most popular foods in Japan? Can you name at least three?
2) Do you like Japanese food? If yes, what is your favourite?
3) What kinds of food are commonly eaten in your country?
4) In Japan, dried seaweed sheets or nori is a staple food. In your opinion, do you think other countries and cultures should also try seaweeds as part of their diet? Why?
5) Do you believe that in order for a country to be more developed and avoid debt, the government should collect more taxes? Why or why not?
6) Do you believe that the rich should pay more taxes than people who have average income? Why or why not?
7) What would happen if a country did not a have tax system?
8) How is your country's current sales tax rate compared to other countries?
9) Should the government impose high taxes on luxury goods?
10) How do you think the government is spending the revenue from taxes? Do you support it?