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Adult Adoptions (BBC)



1) Have you ever stayed at a traditional Japanese ryokan? If so, where was it and how was your experience? If not, would you like to? Why or why not?
2) Which is better: a traditional business with a long history, or a new business with innovative ideas? Why?
3) Do you like your family name? Why or why not?
4) Do you think a woman should always take her husband's family name when she gets married? Why or why not?
5) Under what circumstances (if any) should a husband take his wife's name when he gets married?
6) What is your ideal family unit? (e.g. married with two children, married with no children, single, single with one child, etc)
7) Is it better to own your own business or to work for somebody else? Would you ever consider taking over another business if you had the opportunity?