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When thoughts control machines (Economist)



1) How often do you search the internet? What kind of things do you search for?
2) If you could learn anything instantly, what would you learn?
3) What are some problems paralyzed people face? Can you tell your partner three examples?
4) Have you ever seen or interacted with a robot? Can you tell your partner about the experience?
5) What does a neuroscientist specialize in?
6) If you had a $6 billion budget, what would you research?
7) Can you name three different neurological diseases?
8) Is there anything that money could NOT achieve?
9) Would you be happy for all your thoughts to be made public? Why or why not?
10) If you could enhance your intelligence with technology, would you do it? Why or why not?
11) Would superhuman intelligence be good or bad for humanity? Why?