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Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Long) (TED)



1) What do you do during a typical day at school? Can you tell your partner 10 things?
2) When you were a young boy or girl, what kinds of things did you wonder about?
3) Do you have a life plan? Can you explain it to your partner?
4) Can you tell your partner three things you know that most other people don't know?
5) Can you tell your partner three things you don't know, but you would like to know?
6) Have you ever used a telescope? If not, why not? If so, what did you look at?
7) Have you ever heard of Stephen Hawking? What was he famous for?
8) What does a physicist do? Can you tell your partner 3 things?
9) Can you explain the meaning of the following physics terms: atom, electron, proton, quark, neutrino
10) Do you think you will marry the person of your dreams? Why or why not?
11) Do you think there is life on other planets? Why or why not?
12) Do you think humans will be destroyed or saved by future technology?
13) Which do you think is the most likely explanation for the existence of the universe: a) it was created by some kind of God; b) it was created by a "Big Bang"; c) It is just an illusion